Let's make some games!

During last year's International Festival of Comics and Games in Łódź we've managed to gather a crew of 40 game developers who have spent an entire weekend creating video games, board games, card games and more!

This year we're doing it again!

We're looking for:

Programmers, artists, designers, musicians, animators, hardware developers... If you have skills that can be useful for making games, feel free to join us!

Rejestracja w języku polskim: http://komiksjam.confetti.events/

List of games / game development talks during the festival


What is a "game jam"?

Game jams are events dedicated to making games based on a given theme during a set amount of time (usually two days = 48 hours).

Do you have to buy a ticket to participate?

No. Every registered participant will also receive a free entry pass to the festival and a limited edition t-shirt.

Do you need to bring your own computer?

Yes. The only hardware we're providing are extension cords and ethernet cables. You have to bring your own computers, laptops, displays, etc.

Do you need to have a team before coming to the event?

Not necessarily - you're bound to meet some cool people at the event, so feel free to form teams during the game jam if that's what you want to do :)

How many people can participate?

We'll have space for about 50 people - if you sign up late, you'll be put on a waiting list.

Is there an age limit for participation?

Every attendee needs to be at least 18 years old; or 16 years old and have a written consent of their legal guardian.

Can you participate without being at the jam site?

No. The whole point of the event is meeting new people and collaborating with them, and doing that via the Internet feels way different.

Waiting list